Words ending in - ESQUE

Words ending with the suffix -ESQUE

This list is expanded and updated regularly.
The words on this list are largely adjectives, but some are also nouns and/or verbs.

Adamesque adjective
aiguillesque adjective
Alhambresque adjective
alienesque adjective
arabesque noun, adjective
arboresque adjective
barbaresque adjective
Barbaresque noun
blottesque adjective
Bunyanesque adjective
burlesque noun, adjective, verb
Capraesque adjective
Caraccesque adjective
carnivalesque adjective also carnivallike
cathedralesque adjective
centauresque adjective
Chaplinesque adjective
Chateauesque adjective
churrigueresque adjective also churrigueresco
Dantesque adjective
gaminesque adjective
gigantesque adjective
gorgonesque adjective
griffinesque or gryphonesque adjective
grotesque noun, adjective
gryphonesque or griffinesque adjective
gypsyesque adjective also gypsyish, gypsylike, gypseian
humoresque noun
Leonardesque adjective
Lincolnesque adjective
macaberesque adjective (Literary)
Moresque noun, adjective also Moorish noun, adjective
Normanesque adjective
picaresque adjective
picturesque adjective
plateresque or Plateresque adjective
pseudo-Dantesque adjective
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel proper noun
Raphaelesque adjective
Romanesque noun, adjective
Rubenesque adjective also Rubensian
satyresque adjective
sculpturesque adjective
sermonesque adjective
soldatesque 1. noun (Obsolete) 2. adjective
statuesque adjective
ungrotesque adjective
unpicaresque adjective
unpicturesque adjective
unstatuesque adjective
Warholesque adjective
Zolaesque adjective