Words ending in -MEGALY

Words ending with the suffix -MEGALY

This list is expanded and updated regularly.
All of the words on this list are nouns.

acromegaly (enlargement of head bones, hands, feet, other - due to excessive growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland)

adenomegaly (gland enlargement)
adrenomegaly (enlargement of the adrenal glands)
angiomegaly (enlargement of blood vessels, particularly in the eyelids)
atriomegaly (enlargement of the atrium of the heart)
cardiohepatomegaly (enlargement of both the heart and liver)
cardiomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the heart) also cardiomegalia
cephalomegaly (enlargement of the head)

cheiromegaly or chiromegaly (abnormal enlargement of the hands) same as macrocheiria also called megalocheiria

clitoromegaly (an enlarged clitoris)
cytomegaly (abnormal enlargement of a cell or group of cells)
dactylomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the fingers or toes)
dermatomegaly (a congenital defect in which the skin hangs in folds)

enteromegaly (abnormal enlargement of the intestine) same as megaloenteron

gastromegaly (enlargement of the abdomen or stomach)
hepatolienomegaly same as hepatosplenomegaly
hepatomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the liver)
hepatonephromegaly (enlargement of both liver and one or both kidneys)

hepatosplenomegaly (enlargement of the liver and spleen) also called hepatolienomegaly

karyomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the nucleus of a cell)

nephromegaly (abnormal enlargement or excessive growth of one or both kidneys)

organomegaly same as visceromegaly also called splanchnomegaly
pancreatomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the pancreas)
prostatomegaly (an enlarged prostate gland)

pseudacromegaly (enlargement of the extremities and face, not caused by acromegaly)

pseudoacromegaly variant of pseudacromegaly
renomegaly (enlargement of the kidney)

somatomegaly (abnormally exaggerated size) same as gigantism, giantism

splanchnomegaly same as visceromegaly also called organomegaly
splenohepatomegaly (enlargement of the spleen and liver)
splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen) also splenomegalia

tarsomegaly (congenital maldevelopment and overgrowth of a tarsal bone) also known as Trevor disease, dysplasia epiphysialis hemimelia, tarsoepiphysial aclasis

thyromegaly (enlargement of the thyroid gland)

tracheobronchomegaly (extreme widening of the trachea and main bronchi, usually congenital)

tracheomegaly (an abnormally dilated trachea)

trichomegaly (congenital condition producing abnormally long eyelashes, associated with dwarfism)

typhlomegaly (enlargement of the cecum)
ventriculomegaly (enlargement of the lateral ventricles of the brain)

visceromegaly (enlargement of the viscera) also called splanchnomegaly, organomegaly