Words ending in -PHOBIA

Words ending with the suffix -PHOBIA

This list is expanded and updated regularly.
All of the words on this list are nouns, with the meaning of each given.

NOTE: Though there are hundreds of "phobias" that can be found on the internet, only those phobias that have been verified as clinical terms are listed here.

ablutophobia (fear of bathing, washing or cleaning)

acarophobia (pathological belief that the skin is infested with mites or insects, sometimes causing the person to scratch excessively or to self-mutilate to get rid of the imagined infestation)

acerophobia (fear of sourness)

achluophobia (fear of night or darkness) see also nyctophobia, scotophobia

acousticophobia (fear of noise, sounds)
acrophobia (fear of heights, high places) also called altophobia
aerophobia (abnormal fear of drafts of air, gases, or airborne matter)
agliophobia or algiophobia, algophobia (fear of pain)

agoraphobia (abnormal fear of being in open spaces, public places, crowds)

agrizoophobia (fear of wild animals)
agyiophobia (fear of being in the street)

agyrophobia (irrational fear of crossing the road and being attacked on the street)

aichmophobia (fear of being touched by a finger or pointed object)

ailurophobia or aelurophobia (fear of cats) also called galeophobia, gatophobia

alektorophobia (fear of chickens)
algophobia or algiophobia, agliophobia (abnormal dread of pain)
alliumphobia (fear of garlic)
allodoxaphobia (fear of other people’s opinions)
altophobia (fear of heights, high places) also called acrophobia
amathophobia (fear of dust)

amaxophobia (fear of riding in vehicles) also called hamaxophobia, ochophobia

ambulophobia (fear of walking)
amychophobia (fear of being scratched)
ancraophobia (fear of wind) (see also anemophobia)
androphobia (fear of and/or aversion to men, the male sex)
anemophobia (fear of drafts, gusts of air, wind)
anginophobia (fear of angina, choking or narrowness)
Anglophobia (aversion to England or English things)
ankylophobia (fear of joint immobility)
anthophobia (abnormal fear of flowers)
anthropophobia (pathological fear of people, human companionship)
apeirophobia (fear if infinity)

aphephobia (fear of being touched) also called haptephobia, haphephobia, thixophobia

apiphobia (fear of bees) also called melissaphobia

apotemnophobia (fear of people who've had amputations or have lost limbs)

aquaphobia 1. (abnormal fear of water) 2. (rabies)

arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth)

arachnephobia or arachnophobia abnormal or pathological fear of spiders)

arithmophobia (fear of numbers)
asthenophobia (fear of weakness)

astraphobia or astrapophobia (fear of thunder and lightning) also called keraunophobia

ataxiophobia 1.(fear of ataxia, muscular incoordination) 2. (ataxophobia)
ataxophobia (fear of disorder, chaos or untidiness)
atelophobia (fear of imperfection, defects)
atephobia (fear of ruin or ruins)
aulophobia (fear of flutes)
aurophobia (fear of gold)
auroraphobia (fear of the Northern or Southern lights)
autobogotiphobia (Slang -fear of becoming bogotified)
automysophobia (fear of being dirty, unclean or smelling bad)
autophobia (fear of being alone or of one’s self)
aviophobia or aviatophobia (fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft)
bacillophobia (fear of microbes, germs)
bacteriophobia (fear of bacteria)

ballistophobia 1. (fear of missiles, bullets or other projectiles) 2. (fear of being shot)

barophobia (fear of gravity)
basiphobia or basophobia (fear of walking)
bathophobia (abnormal fear of depth(s))
bathmophobia (irrational, exaggerated fear of walking)

batophobia (abnormal fear of being close to objects of great height, such as a skyscraper or mountain)

batrachophobia (fear of amphibians, such as frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders)

belonephobia (abnormal fear of pins and needles)
bibliophobia (fear, hatred and/or distrust of books)
blennophobia (fear of slime and/or mucus) also called myxophobia
botanophobia (fear of plants)
brontophobia (fear of thunder and thunderstorms) also called astraphobia
cacophobia (fear of ugliness)
cainophobia or cainotophobia (fear of new things) also called neophobia
cancerophobia or cancerphobia (fear of getting cancer) also called carcinophobia
cardiophobia (abnormal fear of heart disease)
carnophobia (fear of meat)
catagelophobia or katagelophobia (fear of being ridiculed)
cathisophobia or kathisophobia (fear of sitting)
chaetophobia (fear of hair)

cheimatophobia (fear of coldness or of being cold) also called cheimaphobia see also frigophobia

chionophobia (fear of snow)
cholerophobia (fear of cholera)
chrematophobia (fear of money, wealth)
chromatophobia (fear of colors) also called chromophobia
chronophobia (fear of time)
cibophobia (fear or hatred of food) see also sitophobia
claustrophobia (abnormal fear of enclosed, narrow or confined spaces)
clinophobia (fear of going to bed)
clithrophobia (abnormal fear of being locked in)
cnidophobia (fear of stings)
coitophobia (fear of coitus, sexual intercourse)
computerphobia (fear or distrust of computers)

coniophobia or koniophobia or konophobia (fear of dust) also called amathophobia

coprophobia (abnormal fear of feces)
coulrophobia (fear of clowns)
cremnophobia (fear of precipices, steep places)
crystallophobia (fear of crystals or glass) also called hyalophobia
cyberphobia (abnormal fear of working with a computer)

cymophobia or kymophobia (abnormal fear of waves and sea swells, wave-like motions)

cynophobia (irrational fear of dogs)
cypridophobia (fear of venereal disease)
demophobia (fear of crowds, masses of people, people) also called ochlophobia

dendrophobia (fear of trees)
dermatophobia 1. (fear of skin) 2. (fear of getting a skin disease)
dermatosiophobia (fear of skin diseases)
dikephobia (fear of justice)
dipsophobia (fear of drinking alcohol)
domatophobia (fear of homes, houses) also called oikophobia
doraphobia (fear of fur, animal skins)
dromophobia (fear of crossing streets)

dysmorphophobia 1. (fear of being deformed) 2. (fear that one's body, or any part of it is, or will become, repulsive)

ecclesiophobia (fear of churches)
ecophobia (irrational fear of home surroundings)
eisoptrophobia (fear of mirrors, of seeing oneself in a mirror)
eleutherophobia (fear of freedom)
emetophobia (fear of vomiting)
enetophobia or enetephobia (fear of pins, needles)
entomophobia (fear of insects)
eosophobia (fear of dawn)
eremophobia (fear of stillness, solitude, deserted places) also called eremitophobia
ergasiophobia (fear of work of any kind)
ergophobia (abnormal fear of or aversion to work)
erotophobia (fear of physical love, sexual intercourse)
ereuthophobia (fear of blushing)

erythrophobia 1.(abnormal fear of the color red) 2.(extreme fear of blushing)

euphobia (irrational fear of hearing good news)

Francophobia (fear of, and/or aversion to France, French people, French culture, French products)

frigophobia (fear of cold and cold things)
galeophobia (fear of cats) also called ailurophobia, gatophobia
gamophobia (fear of marriage)
gatophobia (fear of cats) also called galeophobia, ailurophobia
genophobia (fear of sexual relations)
genuphobia (fear of knees, kneeling)
gephyrophobia (fear of crossing bridges)

Germanophobia (fear of or hatred for Germany, Germans or German culture)

gerontophobia 1.(fear of old people) 2.(fear of old age, especially of growing old)

geumaphobia or geumatophobia (fear of taste, tasting)
graphophobia (fear of writing or handwriting)
gymnophobia (fear of nudity or of seeing a naked body or body part)
gynephobia (abnormal fear of women)
gynophobia (morbid fear of women)
Hadephobia (fear of Hell)

hamaxophobia (fear of riding in vehicles) also called amaxophobia, ochophobia

haphephobia (fear of being touched) also called haptephobia, aphephobia, thixophobia

harpaxophobia (fear of robbers, of being robbed)
hedonophobia (fear of feeling pleasure; fear of a pleasurable experience)
heliophobia (fear of sunlight)
helminthophobia (fear of worms, being infested with worms)
hemophobia (abnormal fear of blood)
hierophobia (fear of holy people or sacred things)
hippophobia (fear of horses)
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (fear of long words)
hodophobia (fear of travel)
homichlophobia (fear of fog)
homophobia (fear of and/or aversion to homosexuals and homosexuality)
hormephobia (fear of shock)
hyalophobia (fear of crystals or glass) also called crystallophobia
hydrophobia 1. (abnormal or unnatural fear of water) 2. (rabies)
hygrophobia (fear of dampness or moisture)
hypengyophobia (fear of responsibility) also called hypegiaphobia
hypnophobia (abnormal fear of falling asleep)
hypsophobia (fear of high places)
ichthyophobia (fear of fish)
ideophobia 1. (fear of new ideas) 2. (fear or distrust of ideas and reason)
iophobia (fear of poison)
Iraqnophobia (fear of or distress about Iraq)

Islamophobia (fear or hatred of Muslims and/or Islamic culture, politics, religion)

isopterophobia (an exaggerated or irrational fear of termites)
kakorrhaphiophobia or Kakorrhaphiaphobia (fear of failure)
katagelophobia or catagelophobia (fear of being ridiculed)
kathisophobia or cathisophobia (fear of sitting)
kenophobia (fear of open or empty spaces, voids)

keraunophobia (fear of thunder and lightning) also called astraphobia, astrapophobia

keraunothnetophobia (fear of man-made satellites falling)
kinetophobia or kinesophobia (fear of movement or motion)
kleptophobia (fear of stealing or being stolen from)

koniophobia or koniphobia or coniophobia (fear of dust) also called amathophobia

kopophobia (fear of fatigue, or mental or physical exhaustion) also called ponophobia

kosmikophobia (fear of cosmic phenomena)

kymophobia or cymophobia (abnormal fear of waves and sea swells, wave-like motions)

kyphophobia (fear of stooping or of becoming stooped)
lalophobia (fear of speaking)
lepidophobia (morbid fear of snakes)
leprophobia (fear of leprosy, lepers)
limnophobia (fear of lakes, ponds)
linonophobia (fear of string)
logophobia (obsessive fear of words)
lyssophobia (pathological fear of going insane)
maieusiophobia or maieuticophobia (fear of childbirth)
maniaphobia (fear of insanity)
mastigophobia (fear of punishment, especially of being whipped or flogged)
mechanophobia (fear of machines)
melissaphobia (fear of bees) also called apiphobia
merinthophobia (fear of being bound or tied up)
metallophobia (fear of metal)
metathesiophobia (Rare) (abnormal, unwarranted fear of change)
microphobia (fear of microscopic or small things, esp. germs)
monophobia (abnormal fear of being alone)
musophobia (morbid fear of mice)
mysophobia (fear of dirt or filth)
myxophobia (fear of slime and/or mucus) also blennophobia
necrophobia 1.(fear of death) 2.(fear of corpses)
Negrophobia or negrophobia (strong fear or dislike of black people)
nelophobia (fear of glass)
neophobia (fear of new things) also cainophobia or cainotophobia
nephophobia (fear of clouds)
noctiphobia also nyctophobia (fear of night and/or darkness)

nomatophobia (fear of names or words because of their meaning) also called onomatophobia

nosophobia or nosemaphobia (abnormal fear of illness or disease) also called pathophobia

novercaphobia (fear of one's step-mother)
nychtophobia (abnormal fear of night or darkness) also called scotophobia
ochlophobia (abnormal fear of crowds)
ochophobia (fear of riding in vehicles) also called amaxophobia, hamaxophobia
odontophobia (fear of teeth)
odynophobia (fear of pain)
oikophobia (fear of homes, houses) also called domatophobia

olfactophobia (fear of smells and odors) also called osphresiophobia, osmophobia

ombrophobia (fear of rain)
ommatophobia (fear of eyes)
oneirophobia (fear of dreams)

onomatophobia (fear of names or words because of their meaning) also called nomatophobia

ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) also called ophiophobia
ophthalmophobia same as scopophobia
ornithophobia (fear of birds)

osmophobia (fear of smells and odors) also called osphresiophobia, olfactophobia

ouranophobia or uranophobia (fear of heaven)
paedophobia or paediphobia (fear of children)
panophobia (nonspecific anxiety; generalized fear)
panphobia or pantophobia (fear of everything)

papaphobia (intense fear or dread of the Pope or of the Roman Catholic Church)

parasitophobia (fear of parasites)

paraskavedekatriaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th)

parthenophobia (fear of young girls and virgins)
pathophobia (fear of disease) also called nosophobia, nosemaphobia
patroiophobia (fear of hereditary diseases)
peccatophobia (abnormal fear of sinning)
pediculophobia (fear of lice, infestation of lice)
pediophobia 1. (fear of dolls) 2. (fear of children)
peniaphobia (fear of poverty)
pentheraphobia (irrational, exaggerated fear of one's mother-in-law)
phagophobia (fear of food, eating)
pharmacophobia (fear of taking drugs or medicine)
phasmophobia (fear of ghosts)
phengophobia (fear of sunlight, daylight)
phigerophobia (fear of smothering, choking) also called pnigerophobia, pnigophobia
philophobia (fear of love, of falling in love)

phobophobia (fear of developing a phobia, or fear of showing symptoms of a phobia)

phobia (fear and/or aversion to something)
phonophobia (fear of noises, sounds, or one's own voice)
photophobia (abnormal fear or aversion to light)
phronemophobia (fear of thinking)
phthisiophobia (fear of tuberculosis)
phyllophobia (fear of leaves)
pnigerophobia (fear of smothering, choking) also called pnigophobia, phigerophobia
pogonophobia (fear of beards)
poinephobia (fear of punishment)

polyphobia (abnormal fear of many things, a condition of having many phobias)

ponophobia (fear of overworking or of exhaustion from working) also called kopophobia

potamophobia (fear of rivers or of flowing water)
psychophobia (fear of the mind)
psychrophobia (fear of cold)
pteronophobia (fear of feathers or of being tickled by feathers)
pyrophobia (abnormal fear of fire)
rhabdophobia (fear of being beaten with rods or sticks)
rupophobia (fear of dirt) also called rhypophobia
Russophobia (fear of or hatred for Russia and Russians)
rhypophobia (fear of dirt) also called rupophobia
samhainophobia (fear of Halloween)
satanophobia (abnormal fear of Satan)
scabiophobia (fear of itching)
sciophobia or sciaphobia (fear of shadows)
scolionophobia (fear of school)

scopophobia or scoptophobia (fear of being look at or stared at) also called ophthalmophobia

scotophobia (abnormal fear of night or darkness) also called nychtophobia

selaphobia (fear of light flashes)
selenophobia (fear of the moon)
siderodromophobia (fear of trains, railroads)
siderophobia (fear of stars)
sitophobia (abnormal abnormal aversion to food) see also cibophobia
Slavophobia (fear or hatred for the Slavs, Slavic influence, Slavic things)
sociophobia (fear of socializing, social gatherings)
sophophobia (fear of learning)

spermatophobia or spermophobia (fear of emission of semen, especially involuntary)

spheksophobia (fear of wasps)
stasiphobia (fear of standing or falling from a standing position)
stygiophobia (fear of hell)
syphilophobia (fear of contracting syphilis)
tachophobia (fear of speed)
taphephobia or taphophobia (abnormal fear of being buried alive)

technophobia (abnormal fear of or anxiety about the effects of advanced technology)

teratophobia (fear of giving birth to a monster)
terdekaphobia (fear of the number 13)
thaasophobia (fear of sitting, being idle)
thalassophobia (fear of the sea)
thanatophobia 1. (fear of death) 2. (abnormal fear of death)
theophobia (morbid fear or hatred of God)
thermophobia (fear of heat)

thixophobia (fear of being touched) also called haptephobia, aphephobia, haphephobia

tocophobia (fear of childbirth)
topophobia (fear of certain places or locations)
toxiphobia (abnormal fear of being poisoned)
traumatophobia (morbid fear of battle or physical injury)
tremophobia (fear of trembling)
triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13)
Turcophobia or Turkophobia (morbid fear of Turks)
trypanophobia (fear of injections, inoculations)
uranophobia or ouranophobia (fear of heaven)
verbophobia (excessive fear or hatred of words)
vestiophobia (fear of clothing or of being clothed)
xenophobia (fear of and/or contempt for strangers)
zelophobia (fear of jealousy)
zemmiphobia (irrational fear of the great mole rat)
zoophobia (abnormal fear of animals)